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The company "Stalker Track" offers its customers a completely new project, whose rights are protected and are the result of innovative design - all-terrain caterpillar tracks (IOP). This development gave the chance to motorists without the help of experts to make of the factory car the SUV all-terrain vehicle. It should be noted that there are no radical changes in the design of the car is not provided, only the replacement of wheels on tracks.

Авто на гусеницах Stalker-Track

A new system of caterpillars on a car it is possible to install on any vehicle the weight of which does not exceed 3500 kg. This is achieved through design features of the module. In addition, the tracks can be used by the formula "two tracks and two skis." It is also necessary to address the issue of price, as this is the determining criterion for buying. The price of the complete tracks Stalker-Track is very low, when compared with foreign analogues. For example, they are 10 times cheaper than the "canadian" and American, represented in the Russian market. All-terrain caterpillar tracks Stalker-Track is not only not inferior to their counterparts, but even in some respects superior to them. The specially developed technology allows to change the area of contact of a caterpillar with snow, and limiters of overturning are already built in movers that excludes any need for their additional installation. Remove the tracks or install them effortlessly with your hands in the "field". It is also worth noting that this process does not take more than 45 minutes. How to install the tracks on your car? It's very simple, you do not need to even instruction, no more difficult to replace the wheel.Авто на гусеницах Stalker-Track

This proposal will be interesting to people who regularly have to travel on rough terrain. This type of tuning is very popular among hunters, fishermen, as well as professionals whose activities are directly related to impassable places.

Check out the materials presented on the website, photos and videos, ask questions to the developer, form your independent opinion about the product of the company.

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Why you should buy crawler system for your car?
Only seven arguments that will convince you that crawler system for your car is worth it:
Installation and dismantling in 45 minutes. by an adult with a minimum of tools.
Adjustable contact surface area from 1.4 to 2.8 square meters, due to the easily changing construction
Installation on cars up to 4.5 tons. You can install Crawler system on UAZ, Niva or any other cars.
12 times less pressure on the ground than wheels.
Increasing ground clearance of your car from 150 mm to 280 mm
all-season performance
Reliability and durability during operation.
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