crawler system for your car
crawler system for your car

Several reasons to buy Crawler system "Stalker-Track"

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       If you ask yourself what is more profitable, to make an all-terrain vehicle with your own hands or to buy VGD, then it is worth noting several points:

1.  Price VGD and investment in home-made cross-country vehicle will be about the same. But! The use of the Crawler system does not exclude the further use of your car for it’s intended purpose, but when you need it will become all-terrain vehicle. It is worth considering not only the financial costs but also time and labor intensive. In the end, your investments will be much higher, and the efficiency is lower.

2.  Ready-made VGD are already passed tests and has specific technical characteristics, in turn homemade all-terrain vehicles do not bring the "expected result" and require constant improvement.

3.  Storage is an important moment! Crawler system can be stored in garage conditions, like a seasonal rubber kit, while a self-made all-terrain vehicle will probably require a separate box.

4.  Transportation of Crawler system is not difficult. This process can be compared with a trip to a tire fitting shop. This process can be described as a trip to the tire shop. But the departure of a self-made all-terrain vehicles can be accompanied by claims from the road safety authorities. Therefore, often self-made all-terrain vehicles are stored near their places of operation.

5.  And of course comfort. What can I say, a modern car allows the driver to relax behind the wheel, and passengers can enjoy the road. Naturally, modern all-terrain vehicles also bring comfort, but cost of comfort will cost you a huge amount of money, which is simply impossible to afford.

     After the above arguments, it becomes obvious that it is easier and more practical to buy Crawler system for your car. To help you make up your mind about all-terrain caterpillar kits «Stalker-Track", we offer you to watch several video clips with cars that already installed our VGD Crawler system.

Авто на гусеницах Stalker-Track

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