VGD - 400 "Neftyanik"

VGD - 400 "Neftyanik"

Model VGD - 400 "Neftyanik" is great for all-wheel drive cars, not exceeding the total weight of 3000 kg. A unique and patented technology of changeable contact area with surface allows you to enjoy the ride on different types of surfaces at any time of the year. The reliability of the structure is ensured by a strong reinforced frame with an anti-corrosion coating electrochemical oxidation, galvanized elements with subsequent dyeing with polymer paint. Crawler system designed for movement both over dirt and snow. The system has a good width of protector — 400 mm., And Figure "herringbone", with a depth of 25 mm. Installation and dismantling by an adult with a minimum of tools takes from 40 to 60 minutes.

VGD - 400 "Neftyanik"
Set / 4 pcs (optional: 2 caterpillars and 2 skis)
Exclusive system, excluding overturning caterpillar block
provided by the construction
Radial crawler block stop
1485х430х710 mm
Total weight
580 kilograms pre set / 150 kilograms - 1 pcs
Vehicle type
4x4; 4x2 (with skies)
Max weight (full)
Up to 2500 kilograms (on an axis) 1250 kilograms
Caterpillar size: width and length
400х3994 mm
Used for
land covered with snow
Frame material
Anticorrosion coating frame
polymer coating by galvanic method -12 microns (optional)
Caterpillar material
multilayer composite rubber
Type Tread of caterpillars
off-road, self-cleaning
Recommended operating temperature
From 40 ° C to +30 ° C
Increasing the width of the vehicle
300 mm (+/- 50 mm ... depending on the vehicle)
Increase in ground clearance
from 150 mm to 280 mm (depending on the vehicle)
The area of contact with the surface
Min - 1.44 square meters., max - 2.28 square meters., (0,36-0,57 square meters. Block)
Ground pressure (depending on the vehicle)
the minimum is 0.16 kg / cm2, the maximum is 0.253 kg / cm2
diameter 160 mm, ball bearings, closed, additionally protected, oil seals
Material of wheels
steel, polyurethane (rim)
Recommended speed
depending on the vehicle
Turning radius
unchanged from TTC TS
Increasing torque
1.5-2.5 (depending on the drum size)
Max lifting angle
30% - 40% (depending on terrain and coverage)